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Who are we?

Seguros Avanza is a brand name for Infinity Insurance Agency, Inc. that offers insurance for personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, commercial general liability insurance and business owner’s policies. We are an insurance agency that offers insurance products from several different carriers. If you are looking to purchase insurance, allow us to provide you with the information you will need to make your decision regarding which types of policies will work best for you.

What is insurance?

There are many types of insurance policies offered in the United States. Some common insurance types are personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance. There are so many more types of policies to choose from depending on your needs. To begin with, in general, insurance is a contract that a person has with an insurance company to help with financial protection against losses caused to a person’s property and any injuries caused to a person all within a particular limit chosen by you. This contract is available for a price. In the case of auto insurance, you would sign a contract, also known as a policy, with an insurance carrier, and they would help to pay for vehicle damages or medical bills accrued due to a motor vehicle accident. They can also reimburse you for covered damage done to your car up to a certain limit. Insurance also helps to pay for covered losses involving liability up to the policy limit. You will also have an applicable deductible for any claims you file against your policy. A deductible is the amount of money you choose to pay for any claim that you file. Insurance can help to protect you, your family, your business, and your assets.

Personal auto insurance

Personal auto insurance is coverage for your personal auto and is a requirement in many states for any drivable vehicle. Each policy consists of different coverages to help protect you from car accidents and injuries caused by car accidents. When you purchase, finance, or lease a vehicle, you will most likely need to insure it before you register it. Each state has its own laws with a monetary limit for the coverage required.

Personal auto insurance has a few components that make up your policy. The basic coverage is called liability insurance. This type of insurance policy is what most states require that you purchase for any vehicle that will be driven and would be used if you were found to be at fault for a car accident. Liability insurance consists of two parts: property damage coverage can help to pay for damage you caused to someone else’s property, and bodily injury coverage can help to pay for medical bills for those you have injured in a car accident. Both coverages are used when you are found to be at fault for a car accident and both coverages do have limits.

You do have the option of purchasing other coverages for your own vehicle and for injuries caused to people riding inside of your vehicle. Here are a few different coverages that you may want to consider:

  • Collision coverage: Helps to pay for the repair or total loss of your own insured vehicle.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Helps to pay for non-collision losses such as vandalism, theft of your car, broken or cracked windshield losses, or fire losses.
  • Medical payments coverage: Depending on the state that you live in, you can choose to purchase this coverage to help you pay for any medical bills incurred due to an injury you or your passengers sustained in a car accident, regardless of fault. There is a monetary limit per person and most states have a time limit in which it can be used as well.
  • Personal Injury Protection: Depending on the state that you live in, you can also choose to purchase this coverage to help pay for your medical expenses if injured in a car accident.
  • Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist: Helps to pay for injuries and lost wages to those riding inside your vehicle who are injured in a car accident. This type of policy can only be used when the at-fault driver does not carry any insurance or has insurance with a low state minimum, but your expenses exceed that limit.

The fact is that personal auto insurance is required in most states for all running vehicles. Accidents happen too often and not having the proper insurance coverage can cause a large financial burden on you and your family. Of course, not to mention the traffic fines and impound fees you will be responsible for.

Commercial Auto Insurance

A man in a blue long-sleeved shirt and jeans, holding a shade hat and standing next to a gray truck, with landscaping tools sitting on the ground.

Commercial auto insurance is coverage for the vehicle that you use to operate your business. If you use your work vehicle to deliver your business products or to haul your equipment from jobsite to jobsite, then this insurance policy is for you. Commercial auto insurance can help pay for covered damage caused to your work vehicle if it is involved in a car accident or vandalized. There may be other losses that your policy can help pay for, such as a vehicle fire or the total theft of your vehicle.

There are several types of occupations that require a vehicle for the general operation of a business, therefore, needing commercial auto insurance. The following are just a few examples of businesses that need commercial auto insurance:

  • Landscaper
  • House painter
  • General contractor
  • Handy man
  • House or office cleaner
  • Roofer
  • Food truck

There are several types of vehicles that can be used for commercial use. Everyone thinks of a pickup truck or a cargo van when we think of commercial vehicles, but other vehicle types can also be used to run a business. Sedans, sport utility vehicles, box trucks and fifth wheel trailers are among the other types of vehicles used for commercial purposes.

If you are not sure if you should have commercial auto insurance or personal auto insurance, click here for more information.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance is considered the basis for insurance policies and businesses use this coverage for claims involving common risks. It consists of two types of coverages used whenever you or your business are found liable for damage or injuries. The first coverage is named property damage coverage which can help to pay for the damage done to the property of others. The other coverage is bodily injury coverage and that can help to pay for medical bills and wage loss accrued due to injuries to others who are not employed by you. These two coverages do have limits chosen by you when you sign your contract with your insurance company.

Commercial general liability insurance may not be a requirement in your state, but every business owner should consider it to protect the business that they work so hard for. A small accident during the regular operation of your business can turn into a very expensive repair bill. If you are a general contractor and your client trips over some of your equipment, and injures themselves, you can potentially be held responsible for the cost of their medical treatment. It does not matter how big or small your business is, commercial general liability insurance should be part of the basic components that keep your business safe.

What is Business Owners Insurance?

Woman wearing an apron, holding a spray bottle in one hand and cleaning glass with the other hand with an orange rag.

A Business Owner’s Policy, which is also known as BOP in English, is a commercial policy which combines the general liability and property coverage. This type of policy is for businesses that have a building as part of their daily operations. If your food truck business has grown and now you can buy or rent a building to run as a restaurant, then you will want BOP insurance to help protect that building in case of a fire, vandalism, or theft. If your landscaping maintenance company grows into a landscape design business and now you need a building to meet with clients, then you will want protection for this building and BOP insurance can help you out there too.

These are just a few examples of how these types of insurance policies can benefit your personal life and your work life. It is important that you know that every policy does have a monetary limit and some policies do have exclusions.

FAQs – Personal Auto Insurance

How much does personal auto insurance cost in the United States?

The cost of insurance varies by person because no two people have the same driving experience. The cost of insurance is based on the amount of years of driving experience that you have, the type of vehicle that you drive, the type of coverages and limits that you select, the amount of your deductible, the zip code that you live in, and in some states your credit score is used to rate your insurance policy. Your best bet is to contact us for a free quote today!

What is my best option for insuring my car?

Your options depend on your budget, your state requirements, and your overall daily driving needs among other factors. There is not only one way to insure your personal vehicle. This is why it is important to have a discussion with your agent.

Do not hesitate to call us today on 1-800-718-5127. 

What happens If I Do Not Have Insurance?

Not having insurance in a state that requires it can be a very expensive situation. You may receive a fine or your vehicle may be impounded or both. Your license and registration can also be suspended. In over ten states, you can be arrested and serve from 15 days (about 2 weeks) in jail up to 5 years.


Seguros Avanza is the brand name for Infinity Insurance Agency, Inc. This material is for general informational purposes only. The content is provided on an “as is,” and “as available” basis without representation or warranty of any kind whatsoever. All statements are subject to the terms, exclusions, and conditions of the applicable policy.